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Baldwin Family Paving works with property managers and homeowners to install and provide ongoing maintenance for outdoor basketball courts in the Foley, AL area. A new basketball court looks great and is a valuable asset that will boost property value. Our experienced contractors offer services for many specialty paving projects including custom court paving and color finishes.

Fully Licensed Paving Company

We are a fully licensed local contractor, with years of experience in the asphalt industry. Our paving contractors are experienced in every aspect of asphalt paving and repair. With our wide array of asphalt services, you can be sure that we can handle whatever asphalt paving need you have coming up! So, whether you are looking to install a full court, half-court, or just need a small repair we can help.

Services We Provide

We bring our many years of experience to every paving and repair project. If you are looking to install a brand-new backyard basketball court, or want a couple small cracks repaired in your community tennis courts, we can help! We have experience working on both large and small projects, and have the know-how to repair damage with long-lasting solutions. Our tennis and basketball court services include:

Cracks and crumbling pose a hazard to players. Repair them promptly to prevent injury. Having cracks repaired quickly also prevents water infiltration that can cause extensive asphalt damage. Our highly experienced team offers the best service in repair, crack filling, resurfacing, and linestriping.

Why Choose Asphalt?

Slip-resistant asphalt is a fantastic material for sports courts. The top surface of asphalt is perfect for tennis and basketball courts because it provides a consistent surface for predictable ball behavior. Asphalt courts last for decades and require minimal upkeep. They are reliable and don’t wash away or become flooded in rainy weather. Whether you want a full size asphalt court or a small half court for basketball practice, we provide many options for your next project.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation on any of our paving or maintenance services. Our contractor looks forward to discussing your project and providing a free quote to install a pickleball, tennis, or basketball court on your property. We look forward to helping with all your paving needs in Baldwin County!

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Asphalt Sport Court Services

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Basketball Courts

Whether you want your own backyard basketball court, or are looking to install one for your community, we can help! We work with homeowners and property managers to install a high-quality, durable basketball court that will provide years of enjoyment!

Tennis Courts

Tennis and pickleball courts are a great community gathering space. The finished look can be customized with acrylic paint. There are a variety of surface color options and textures available, so your court can be customized to match any design.

Repair and Resurfacing

We offer maintenance and repair. If your court has standing water, it may need to be resurfaced to correct the uneven surfaces and enable proper drainage. If there are cracks or other damage, we offer repair to restore the smooth surface of your courts!

Striping and Painting

We also offer restriping and painting to restore vivid tennis and basketball court colors. Court paint comes in many color options, allowing you to customize your court to match any aesthetic. Clear, fresh striping helps players determine when a play is “in” or not.